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AL-Majd is one of the pioneering institutions in the field of electromechanical contracting, because it started from where the others ended, and adopted the principle of specialization in the implementation of electromechanical works, which is one of the foundations of success and excellence and the institution has the ability to implement all projects and work related to the field of electromechanical according to specific timelines for what It has scientific expertise, qualified employment and high employment of modern technologies, and the institution has agreements and accreditation certificates from global suppliers from different countries (Britain, Germany, France, America), which earns them experiences in all types of generators, devices and equipment used In the projects


Al-Majd Works was established in 1430 AH in the Jeddah region, and the idea of establishing glory began after the owner had practical and administrative experience in that field through his work with government agencies for more than 15 years, during which he held many leadership positions in the field of projects, procurement and management, and gets Through her many development courses in the technical, administrative and financial field, which made him keen when selecting the institution to select qualified and trained workers, which is reflected on Performance and work efficiency, with the establishment of an independent department for planning and setting timelines for the implementation of projects work and for securing materials and requirements in addition to following up on implementation, which contributes to the implementation of projects work in record times, and this strategy contributed to the development of the institution during record time through the following brief stages


Supply and installation of all types of electrical panels

MV Switchgear up to 33kV Ring Main Unit Main and Sub distribution boards Automatic transfer Panel Manual transfer panels Synchronization panels .

Supply and installation of electrical distribution transformers

Overhead Transformer Package Substation Poles and Foundation ...etc

Installation of low, medium voltage cables and all its accessories

Medium voltage cables up to 33 kV Low voltage cables Installation of cable tray, pipes ...etc

Supply and installation of diesel generators

Medium voltage generators Low voltage generators Communication generators From 6 kVA to 5000 kVA

Supply and installation of light current works

Fire fighting systems Fire alarm systems CCTV Camera Systems

Building and construction works

Construction of electrical station’s building Water and sanitation works Street Lamp Installation

Maintenance work

Al-Majd ensures that the team of highly trained technician, provide a high level atnd corrective maintenance for all types of installation to maintain its performance and increase its productive life through a team of and qualified profesionals